Love to get some feedback on our landing page


Hi there.  We’ve just got started with Unbounce and were amazed by how quickly we could set up a test.  We’ve used one of the templates that UB provided and are interested if any of you could take time out of your busy day to give us some feedback. 

Thanks in advance.


Hey Neil,

I have to say I am impressed by your service :slight_smile: With me looking at what you’ve done on unbouce you might have gotten a new customer.

I think the landing page you’ve set up is very clear and informative, I would work a bit more on the design, because unbounce has so many options you can easily tweak, I think you can do some more stuff to make it a bit more premium. Otherwise it looks awesome and your videos are great.

I think I might have had a look at the website while you were updating it as some of the forms looked broken.

Best of luck with your endeavour!




Couple of quick things you could do to improve this page…

  1. Add a 30% opacity screen over the background image. Especially at mobile it is tough to read the text that is over the image with it full opacity.

  2. The form that pops open in the lightbox needs some help. You are requiring name, but not email, why? The word send should be centered in the button. and you need to add a little text above the form to explain why the user should do this.

  3. at mobile there are some spacing issues. Customers referred to you by their friends are simply better and the circle with 4x are really far apart for instance. 

The text under reward stream refer a friend and about rewardstream are very different. Keeping styles consistent is very important on a landing page. You don’t want to distract the user anymore than you have to. 

You have 2 major “leaks” on the page. By that I mean 2 links that take people to your main site. I’d consider a/b testing if you need those links or if you can get away without them? 

Great first page, glad to see someone using this for themselves first then clients!



Nice looking page.  Add an asterisk (*) beside the email field in the lightbox because that is obviously required.  I would rather see this very simple CTA right on the page.  Name and Email.  Our CRM requires first name and last name, yours likely does too when Unbounce feeds it a lead. We use the Zoho CRM integration.   You can add a javascript code to create a favicon which is a nice touch that viewers have come to expect. 

Your page is much better than my first try.  


Jim: Thank you so much for the great thoughts and input.  That’s a great idea to put it right on the page.  We can test that easily. 

Much appreciated.



Whoa, thanks Joe. Good thoughts on the opacity.   Sounds like some of my forms aren’t rendering properly because they’re all supposed to ask for Name/Email and the “Send” text should be centred. Oops. I’m going to fix that now.  I like the comments on the leaks too.  We hemmed and hawed about those.  We can certainly test closing them.  

Very generous of you to share your time with me.   I hope I get the chance to return the favour.




Hey Todor.  Thank you for getting back to me so fast.  Really appreciate it.  And yes, I think you’re right.  We could do a lot better on our design.   I will re-test all the forms, since you and another reviewer have both mentioned it. 

Thanks again for being generous with your time today.



Looks great, I filled out your form and got a 404 error. The only thing I din’t like, and this is very minor, was the initial graphic. It was too soft for me. I wanted to see something more dramatic that would draw me in more. Other than that, I would still like to get your free report :slight_smile:



Oooh, thanks Steve. 404 error not good.  Thanks for the feedback on the imagery too.  We’re testing some different imagery and we could definitely look at something less “soft” :slight_smile:     Let me get you that copy of your whitepaper :slight_smile:


Hi Neil, 

The current headline only explains what the product is but does not say why is unique or better than the others.  (Why should I choose your product?) 

You mention “pioneer referral marketing”, “high ROI” and some numbers but how can I know this is true? You could add a list of features and some reviews from trusted sources to build up more credibility. 

Target audience:
I saw you have some big clients which tells me the price could be quite expensive for small business so its important to tailor your message and say who is your product for; SMB or enterprise. if you target SMBs then mention things such as “Painless”, “Quick set up”, “No coding required”,  “From XX.XX a month” etc. 

If you target enterprise try to use the testimonial of certain company or even better a video of enterprise users telling their success story with your product. 

Call to action 
In the “Get demo” button if you offer a free trial you could AB test: “Start now for free” and I would suggest to AB test the form without the popup.  

If you target enterprise then “Get demo” should be ok. 

Sorry for my English and good luck!