Looking to make my page super convertable! I want your feedback :)


I have 2 pages, very similar!


I’m open to all feedback :slight_smile:

Thank you!!


Hi Chelsea,

A number of things from my point of view.

Let’s start with the basic offering. I’m perhaps not best placed to comment on this as I live in the UK and have zero knowledge of Canadian internet providers - main players, speeds, prices etc.

So what is the main selling point here? Price I think (from your page) - I’m guessing the offer is one which should catch peoples attention - a kind of ‘holy cow thats good’ offer?

So if thats the case - as a prospect the main thing on my mind will be - can i trust this company. I’m guessing this isn’t a well known brand? If this is the case trust will be the biggest thing and really important to address – extremely prominently. I don’t know if you have any awards, accreditation logos you can show. Stats like over 50,000 homes supplied across Canada – how can we make people trust this.

Second thing which would be on my mind is – it’s going to be hassle switching – you address this point down the page – I think this should be prominent.

Also – whats the key market here – new connections or switchers? I guess this is lead by how you are advertising – if not search – i.e push rather than pull marketing (display, email etc) – it will be switchers , so perhaps wright tha page towards these people (the opposite if you are targeting new connections).

So onto the page:

Good – concisely conveys the main USP. I’m assuming the ‘75’ means something to people in Canada – it means nothing to me. If not well known and more ‘tech jargon’ replace with simple language – e.g “High Speed Cable Internet” instead of ‘Cable Internet75’.

I would like the headline to me more prominent. Maybe create another section above that – put logo up there, telephone if you can (ads trust) + any trust logos you can.

Just had a look at your website and some good stuff on there:

  • Save up to 15oo per year!
  • Low monthly prices with no contracts - Save up to 15oo per year!
  • We offer 24/7/365 Support - Live chat and Phone support available to you, any time of day!
    Get this stuff prominent and above the fold.
    How good is this?: “All current cable customers are pre-approved!” Personally I like it – sounds like it’s a bit less hassle, but no biggy. I would expect to get approved anyway – thanks for pre-approving, but I’m not that fussed – certainly not sub-headline fussed. Would this be the case for people who have cable already also? Credit score can’t be too much on an issue – they got approved for the connection they have now? I may be missing a point here.

To me a really good headline / subheadline would be:

Cable Internet 75 & Free TV for $49.95/month (bigger and bolder than current and assuming people know what ’75 means)
Low monthly prices with no contracts - Save up to 15oo per year!

Then bullet point key sales points. Easy to switch, Free TV, etc etc.

Image – I don’t think this does anyting for you right now. It doesn’t explain why the product is great – it’s just there taking allot of your most important space and looking pretty.

Images like this can add to a page – a page devoid of images can look bleak. But don’t allow it to steal most of your prime real eastate!

For example: http://quotes.selectequityrelease.co.uk/lp/ here the image adds to the page without distracting from the message. And takes up none of the prime space.

I could probably go on all night (I’m a bit sad like that), but I need to wrap this up. So some less detailed quick points:

  • Form – form heading would be better more prominent (ad another colour pehaps) – it doesn’t stick out on page at all.
  • Can you shorten the form – postcode only perhaps (you are going to speak to them anyway) and I guess you can check coverage on postcode. A shorter looking form will get you lots more leads into the call centre (less qualified, but make your call centre close).
  • A saw four different fonts – generally would stick to 1-2 max.
  • On your site I saw a button for “check availability in your area” – I like this and it could work well as a heading for your form. It is less of a step to ‘check availability” that sign up now – so you would get more leads. Plus it intrigues people – can I get this??? I think this would do well as the main (only) CTA for the page

See comments below – apologies messy, however I hope you can see what it is trying to say (I’m trying to get allot of info over but haven’t got much time – hence messiness (apologies):


Wow! I am blown away. Thank you so much for that evaluation :slight_smile:

Very great points! Many customers do not know what the speeds of internet are “I have the speed from the bottom”, “I have the second highest speed”, they really have no idea! All they know is they want to use Facebook on their phone and watch Netflix on their TV.

Yes, price is the main selling point. We’re 40% less a month than our competitors… which are the BIG guys! We actually resell their lines.

It’s much cheaper to switch an existing customer than to set one up, and much easier. No tech visit, shorter ordering time, etc. I am definitely going to write this specific audience.

Thank you again, I’m going to go fix this up now :slight_smile:


Yw Chelsea feel free to post again if you would like further feedback.

You might get to the stage where you never want to see the page again - I know I do after spending many hours solid on a page!

A couple of days break usually fixes :grinning:



I thought I would come back and show you my changes :slight_smile:


I totally agree with the break, it helps!