Looking to hire someone for Unbounce pages

Hi community!

We’re new to unbounce… we want to hire someone for a quick job.

here’s what we’re looking to do with our unbounce pages:

  1. currently our sites only load using “www.”, but we want them to load even without the “www.”. I know it’s an easy fix, but we’d just prefer hiring an expert to do it for us. We use unbounce and godaddy.com for the domains hosting.

  2. we want to add favicons to our unbounce websites.

  3. We want to upload and use our own fonts.

I’ve already found how to do all this, but again, our expertise isn’t in tech/coding. So we want to hire someone to perform these tasks.

If you are very savvy with unbounce and coding, we may even collaborate for a lot of future projects.

Thank you.

If you can help us with the above, please email me at: kk@salesin.io



Hey @Konstantinos_Kalouli,

#1 is pretty easy and straight forward but #2 & #3 require a web server.

Do you have a server outside of Unbounce that can host these files for you?


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Hi @Hristian No, but open to suggestions.not a problem getting a server.

can you fix these things or not?

Might want to check the email you provided

it should be working now. we tried some things with the email servers that didn’t end up well, but looks like we fixed it.