Looking forward to create animated explainer videos



I am an animation enthusiast with no knowledge in animation , Still learning and seek your kind advice.I wish to create animated info graphic video Popularly known as " animation explainer video "

These videos unlike professional film doesn’t have either much animation or either much vfx. . But I have no clue how they are designed. I know the God father for explainer video is " After effects " but I really can’t use it because I can’t afford it The videos I am referring to are example :

I know how to create the static graphics in technical term called as " infographics " or “Storyboard” using concept draw . . But after that Can I use only hitfilm to get video like this.

Please do guide me.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.


Hi Joe,

Welcome to the Unbounce community! What are you looking to do with the videos once you create them? Are you looking to use them with a specific landing page, or offer video services to clients or something else?