Looking for some suggestions from a marketing strategist


I have a product that can be ‘editionized’ for different market segments and want to use unbounce pages to segment it out massively, and scale it up, using mostly plain text copy, words on white paper… maybe have 30 or more slightly modified products and webpages

you can see examples:

I want to have as much fun with this as I can if possible.

If anyone likes writing copy and wants to try to editionize it and go for a massive conversion rate in one market sector, let me know…I could probably give you a cut on a salespage you produce or figure out some way to make it worthwhile. 

You might like the product as well and there is a free version available on my site.

Should I go for opt-ins on the unbounce pages? straight sales?
I tried the rooster pop over but not too sure about it.
I’m almost sure there is potential here to have a ridiculously high ROI with the right landers and some good PPC, but it is almost too much for me to handle. If you like the concept feel free to chat me via my site http://www.brainstormpro.com thanks,

Jesse Gilbert


Hello Jesse,

At a $27 price point my gut instinct is to go for the sale.  It is a really low investment if somebody sees the value in your software.  Just one opinion and you can certainly A/B test it versus an email sign or free trial.

Best of luck,



I would tend to agree and it is a very small investement for the potentially very big advantage it can offer. If I can have a good email form, I can also get the email so it may be less of a risk when using PPC because I will grow a list, a tangible asset. However I may want to bring the price up at some point


Great points, Joe! Would +1 the idea to A/B test this against an email/free trial. Once you know which direction is more likely to convert, start optimizing from there.