Looking for People's Opinion for My SEO Landing Page


I want to start A/B testing a landing page I create but before I send any traffic I want to make sure I have a good page to work with.  If the community could look at www.webfullcircle.com/wfc-seo-campaign/ and let me know if I should modify anything I would be much appreciative.

I think my first test will be testing the Heading specifically.


Hello Josh,

Awesome to hear that you are getting started!  Just wanted to let you know that I will be reviewing this tonight and getting back to you with a few tidbits :slight_smile:

Hang tight,



I’m game. Keep in mind this is my initial pass and I’m sure Joe’s suggestions will trump mine, but here goes.

If I’m a prospective customer, I’m looking for 3 things:

  • Do you offer what I need?
  • Do I trust you?
  • What do I do next?
    Do you offer what I need? If I already know I need SEO, I might find this page header helpful. Or maybe $50k of extra profit isn’t enough to get me out of bed. The dollar value is an interesting approach, but it may unnecessarily turn some people off if they don’t fit your target profile. If I’m not familiar with the term, I might not understand SEO or how it fits into my digital marketing plans. I suggest adding some more explanation about how SEO can help their business (better rankings, more qualified traffic, improved visibility in more/different types of search results).

Do I trust you? Not really, because I don’t know you…but if you can substantiate the $50,000 claim with a case study or testimonial about that project, I might be more inclined to lower my guard. Finally, are you real people or a robot? Are you in my market or overseas? How long have you been doing SEO and is there a  proprietary process or should I just leave my fate (and $50k) up to the SEO gods?

What do I do next? The big phone number in your header is lacking context. What should I expect when I call you? A sales pitch? A free audit or consultation? Take the opportunity to tell people what you want them to do and what value they get from calling you. The form header is a little more compelling, and you might want to A/B test different calls to action and the presence of the monthly budget question. If you are overwhelmed with leads and need to pre-qualify them a bit more, a budget question might help you prioritize. Otherwise, it might just increase friction on the form and lower your conversion rates.

Good luck and be sure to report back on how it goes. Paying it forward is how we all got here!


Hi Rich! 

Actually I think I could be a potential customer for your service! 

  • For my business $50k is not relevant, we focus on CPA and conversion rate or something with a % 

  • Can you give more detail on how your SEO services work? 

  • I don’t know the companies logos, can you list the industries you have work for? I work for healthcare industry which is heavily regulated  by the FDA/FTC so SEO experts in that area always get a plus. 

  • If you are focused towards Small and Medium sized business owners I think you should mention it too. I always look for SMB oriented services because I am one of them I try to stay away from enterprise services, too expensive. 

  • Can you offer testimonials with numbers (before and after) 

  • It would be better to see the picture of your team than the office building. 



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