Looking for new landing page feedback

1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible
Improve conversion

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?

3: What is your conversion goal?
get a FREE Demo

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:

Use moving images like https://monday.com/, static screenshots on a laptop/phone look boring, generic and old fashioned, I skipped right past them. I would change the headline to a benefit, and the subheadline to features about your product (like monday). Instead of clicking a button which opens a popup form (two steps) put one form next to the button, and 4 fields is going to turn a lot of people away, and nobody wants to get calls from salespeople, so requesting a phone number will turn even more people away. If you ask for email and put a button next to the form field like monday did you will get more leads. Also, the blue video is pointless IMO, stock videos are a huge turnoff, as they scream INAUTHENTICITY, people want what’s real, not stock footage that IMO has zero to do with what you’re selling. Compare monday side by side (mobile too) with your page, then pretend you’re a customer and are looking at 2 brands selling the same thing, which one would you choose? why? BTW I’m not affiliated with monday.com, I just think they did a good job on making a SASS LP interesting. Good luck!

I think the biggest problem with the page is that you aren’t giving people enough of a reason to want to schedule a demo.

I agree with the comment above about including a benefit in the headline. Your prospects don;t need software. They need solutions to the problems and pain pints they are facing. That’s your benefit. Lead with that.

I know you try to hit on benefits with the subhead, but “Get your team performing at their best” is too generic to be impactful. It’s not something you can easily picture in your head. And it could mean just about anything to the reader.

Your feature descriptions aren’t bad, but they would be stronger if you included a bit more context and tied them more directly to the daily burden you mention in the intro paragraph. You don’t have to include every feature or use case (that would negate the need for a demo) but you should give enough info and specifics to whet the appetite.

I would also consider alternative image options as well. Again, they aren’t bad, because they do show the product, but it’s hard to tell what you’re looking at specifically or why you should care. You want people to imagine themselves using and benefitting from the product.

I like the idea of the customer success story, but this was a bit underwhelming. I expected to see sone sort of quantifiable results from the client using the product. This essentially just says that they use it. If you don’t have any true success stories, maybe replace it with client logos and/or testimonials. Those would also be good to include, even if you do have a better success story to include.

Finally, it’s a relatively minor tweak, but I would change the question in your closing CTA to a benefit statement. It’s too easy for someone to answer “no.” Instead, remind them why they should want to learn more with a statement such as “See for yourself how DC2Vue® can help ease the burden on your busy community care staff.” above the button.

I hope that helps. Best of luck.

Hi charitable,

Thank you for the review. I tried to incorporate some of your feedback. let me know your thoughts on v2.


Hi SeanKirby,

Thank you for the review and feedback. I incorporated some of your feedback. let me know your thoughts on v2. http://get.datacaptureexperts.com.au/home-and-community-care-software


It’s stronger than the first version. I think you did a nice job of weaving in some of the specifics and pain points.

Depending on what the ads leading people to this page say, You might consider flipping the head and subhead so tou’re Leading with the benefits.

I would also add a bit more context before the form. Let people know why they should be filling out the form before they get I to it. You don’t know what it’s for until you get to the button.

Keep job on the improvements. You’re almost there.