Looking for Feedback on Landing Page for prospective Couples Counseling Clients


1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible
When people are in distress and looking for relationship help, I want them to access me in the most convenient way possible. I know what it’s like to feel relationship turmoil, and I’m confident in my ability to help. I want people to know that relief is a button click away.

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
Google Ads

3: What is your conversion goal?
get them to click on the button “click for a free 15 minute consultation” which takes them to a scheduling webpage on my Electronic Health Record.

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:



Hey Mike,

Here are a few of my opinions:

  1. I think the hero/top section could use some spacing between elements. On a desktop certain things don’t look aligned. Maybe you can try to space out some of the headline, copy and buttons a little more. I feel that a page visitor’s eyes should be able to scan through each part easily.

  2. In portrait view on a mobile phone your logo looks small and can be hardly seen because of the background image. On my phone it doesn’t look centered either. I suggest between the desktop to a mobile phone you can try to darken the background image more. One way of doing that is by editing your page in Unbounce and using the advanced settings within the background options for that section property. You can use a color of black, check overlay and adjust your opacity to your liking such as 50. This could also bring your text out more since it’s a white font color.

  3. To me I would adjust the button sizes to be the same when I view it on a desktop. The button colors do stand out because of using a black and white background image which is good.

  4. Do you have a certain target market age? I ask this because of the background image. I feel like this is geared to young couples. I can’t really tell how it would effect people because I’m not sure how you’re targeting on Google Ads or if you’re also using Facebook advertising.

  5. That’s great you have videos on your page. Do you also have any reviews or anything other credible to showcase? Such as qualifications or awards. Any images that support this credibility. For me that would be really important to know why would I trust you. I do say this because if you’re using Google ads I’m more than likely searching and reviewing other candidates.

  6. Depending on how you’re structuring your ads and title line of them I like that headline you have at the bottom where you have your call to action button. The one that starts “Get help to reduce your fighting…”. I would test and make another variation in Unbounce and use that headline as your main opening. One of the first things your visitor should feel is a connection. Again, depending on how you’re doing your ads it will be important for you and also Google because of quality score and such.

  7. I could be seeing things, but on mobile the bottom section looks like it has an background image of skateboarding? What’s strange is that on the mobile version it’s using the same background image as the top part of your page.

  8. I would change the copyright year to it’s current. Something minor, but I noticed it and for me it would make me pause and think for a second.

I think that’s a good start to review some of these things I’ve mentioned.