Looking for any and all Advice! :-)


Hi Everyone

Just joined the community!

Honestly, I know my landing page is simple and basic… welcome any and all advice on how to improve on conversions


Thanks in advance


Hi @awxfac.

The page looks great and you got most of all that right – the stuff I usually struggle to explain to my clients :slight_smile:

But then, I have a lot to tell you:

  1. The RSVP Here button sits nice and on top (which is good). But there’s no heading or prompt?

Attend The Event That Changes How You Do Procurement [ RSVP NOW]

Finally, it should look something like this?

  1. Expand the hero section a lot more. Get that big button within the hero section itself and change the color to some other color (like orange or red) to make it pop.

You’ll want to build the hero section as big as the desktop screens allow (call this hero section) and you’ll have your “You can’t miss this CTA” here on the section with the same image as the background (you can also add a dark overlay to fade the image out and bring all the focus to the text).

  1. Change the copy of the CTA button from “Submit your RSVP here” to something more contextual like “I AM IN” or “COUNT ME IN”.

  2. The section where you have all these logos showing?

Just make sure your background is chosen as “solid color” and pick “#ffffff” or white. You do this so that the logos blend into the background and don’t stand out the way they do now.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:



Hey Andrew,

Nice page! I agree with the recommendations from @Ashwin_Satyanarayana. Awesome feedback.

Here are just a few more things to consider. I put it in a video format, since it would be easier to show each suggestion that way: http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cbiu2Ul44m

Let us know if you have any questions!



Thanks so much for the advice so far

I have done a bunch of changes

Feel free to take another shot at hammering/recommending anything new I can add/tweak

Ill be as quick as I can to update and show

Massive thanks again! Genuinely


Feel free to suggest as many ideas as you like :slight_smile:

Also, love the 5 minutes video!