Looking for a Unbounce and JS+CSS pro!

I’m looking for somebody who can amend an Unbounce form to look and perform exactly like this: https://lp.lovefuneralplans.com/

Please note, I’m not looking for HTML box content. The ideal outcome is just scripts that can be pasted into the JS and CSS parts of the page builder to affect the style and function of the Unbounce form. (Similar to how this works: [How To] Add A Multi-Step Form 2.0)

I’ll be able to share detailed instructions with you directly on Monday 21st October. This is mostly just font, colour and text requirements.

I’d like scripts to be purely local and not call to any temporary servers etc. I need to be able to duplicate this form for split tests or multiple domains etc.

This is a paid gig and we can discuss payment after I’ve seen some of your work and confirmed that you understand all of the above!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi @Alan_C,

The script for this form was actually done by me for a client. The original script is over 2 years old so it’s been modified a bit since then.

I have over 5+ years experience modifying Unbounce forms so if something is technically possible, I can get it done for you.

I would be happy to chat more with you about your particular needs.

Feel free to DM me or fill out the quote form on my homepage: https://www.revise.cc


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Hi, I’d love to help you out. Please get in touch with me at your earliest convenience.