Looking for a Developer To Help (paid - good rates)

Hi All,

I need some additional development support on a Sticky that’s connected to HubSpot.

Our client has numerous lists that they want users to opt into within the sticky, but as there’s limited space and therefore we need to create a work around to collect the users email address, then present the list selection options to resolve this issue. At present I’m thinking multi-step form within a sticky, which would allow the list options to display on the next step of the process, but I’m open to suggestions.

Let me know if you’re interested and we can continue the discussion over direct message.


Hi Daniel,

Its Waseem from Apexure.

We love multi-step forms, here is one we use on our landing page. https://lp.apexure.com/bespoke-landing-pages/ (When you click Get Started)

We can help you in setting up a multi-step form in a sticky.

DM me for more.


DM sent - look forward to your response.