Long form sales



I took the online course about a year ago and learned a lot from it.  There was a section about long form sales.  I’ve only been creating simple small forms to date, but I’m about to take on a new challenge and I believe long form sales is the way to go.  I tried looking through the online content and could not find any help about it.  Where can I find information on how I should go about designing this?  It’s for automatic manufacturing, so a simple form is not going to work as well.


Hi Derek, 

The key, if there is one, to a long form sales page is and always will be the actual content. Followed closely by the actual offer.
(I guess, the same can be said for all landing pages but it is even more important on a long page). 

There are plenty of ways to go about writing out your page from reading/studying classics like Ogilvy, Schwartz and Schwab to learning from more recent practitioners like Joanna Wiebe.

In fact, Joanna has an eBook about long form sales pages that would save you a lot of time and possibly set you on the right path. 

Also, a few semi-recent blog articles on the topic from the usual suspects. 

The rest is still the same - make sure you are testing your assumptions, do your research, talk to your potential/past clients, etc.

Let us know how it all turns out.



Thanks so much for the prompt response! The blog post was very helpful.