Logo image color problen


I am trying to build a landing page using the video landing page, dark backgound.
When I import my logo it doesn’t blend into background. My logo has the name and a white background.
Can I change that in UnBounce so it blends in or what do I tell me designer to have the logo blend into the color on the page?


Hi Mark,

You will want your designer to make a PNG version of your logo with a transparent background instead of a white background. This logo would then work regardless of the background color you want to use.


Thanks Aaron…that’s what I thought


Hi Mark,

There is no way at present to manipulate images in Unbounce other than scaling or cropping them.

You will need to ask your designer to prepare the logo with a similar coloured background or a transparent background in a graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop and then upload that version to Unbounce. The PNG graphics file format supports transparency and is supported by all modern web browsers.