Logo cut off


When I add my logo to my page it looks fine in edit mode then when I click on preview, the company name at the bottom of the logo is cut off. How do I change this so the entire logo is shown?


Hey Andrew,

Would you mind sharing the URL with us? Or perhaps a screenshot of the edit versus preview? I’d be happy to have a look for you.

Make sure there isn’t a mask cutting it off.


Stefano Apostolakos


Hi Stefano,

I tried making the mask larger and then removing the mask and each time it still show cut off.  


Hi Andrew,

That’s very odd - it looks stretched out compared to what you’re looking at in the builder.

Do you have any custom CSS added to that element?


No custom css just the image i uploaded through unbounce.


Andrew, if you’d like we can do a screenshare and I can have a look at what’s going on for you. Might be easier than guessing :wink:

Let me know! I’d have some time in the next hour!



Sure, how would we do that?


Meet me here! Im online now: https://appear.in/webistry