Locking template layouts and styles


We have several parts of our organization that need to create their own landing pages on a regular basis. We plan to create subaccounts for each of these teams. However, we’d like to ensure consistent branding throughout our organization regardless of the team creating the pages.

Is there a way for us to create several templates where the layout and styling is locked for editing by subaccounts? We’d love the subaccount users to enter their own content within the confines of our pre-approved templates.

Thanks so much!


Hey Taylor, that’s an awesome question/request! Unfortunately we don’t have this ability yet, but I’ve turned your thread into an “idea” so others can +1 it to bump it up in priority. Hopefully you can work around this in the meantime. We often suggest to create pages that you use a template (just duplicate them every time you need a new page.)


I was just posting the exact same thing when the forum suggested this post. I’m working on a template now and would love to lock some styling and layout styles so the people who are going to use the templates can’t make mistakes in the way things should look.