Load a published Variant but live not in Preview mode


I would like to know how to load a variant of a landing page that is published but live not in preview mode so I can test in on different devices and see it live as the public will see it.



Hey Rodney! We’ve got a post in the community here that goes into a bit of detail into how you can view different variants…

Let me know how it goes!


Hi Jess

Thanks for that it works, however, I have noticed one small problem you may not have thought of, when you load the page it works fine except it doesn’t load a sticky bar I am using on this page.

so it appears that sticky bars don’t work on this page when you specify the variant. See my url

I tested it on both my desktop in responsive mode and my mobile phone the sticky bar is at top of page and it doenst show.

Can this be fixed please



Hi Rodney! Niall from Unbounce here. The reason your sticky bar isn’t showing up is that the only rule that you have set is for the sticky bar to show up on http://ad.synergyhypnotherapymelbourne.com.au, if you want it to show for that exact variant you could add a new rule that also targets the /t.html endpoint:

P.S. Make sure you have your embed code on all your page variants! :slight_smile:


Hi Niall

Thanks for that have sorted things out I forgot about the rules for the sticky bar. I have fixed it for the live viewing through links like http://ad.synergyhypnotherapymelbourne.com.au/t.html

But when you select the preview button in the unbounce interface it doesn’t show up in there. Now I don’t think I can make a rule for the preview you should look at including it in the preview despite the rules people have and maybe a button to turn them on and off.

That should solve this problem after all it is only preview and should just work.



Hi @Rodney,

Generally speaking the preview mode on Unbounce will NOT load everything you might have in terms of JS and CSS.

You should always test your page by publishing it and previewing the live page.