Links not working on PDF download


Our unbounce page can be found here: When you click to get the guide and then download the PDF, the PDF opens but the links on the PDF no longer work. When I open the PDF on my computer however, the links are all there. Example: on page 3 at the bottom it says “Click for more thanksgiving tips”. I’m wondering if there is a setting that I’m not using on unbounce to ensure the link works when opened online? 

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help :) 



Hi Bailey! 
What browser are you using to test this? Just so you know, the .PDF viewer in Chrome doesn’t actually support hyperlinks, so you might need to find another solution. 

Also, just a heads up that I downloaded your .PDF to my desktop and tried to click on the links natively in Preview on mac, and while the links appear _to be functional, it doesn’t actually link anywhere when I click it. 

Would you consider the option to just download the .PDF instead? Or do you think that’s too intrusive?