Links in a sticky bar to the main page

Is there a way to place a link in a sticky bar that will jump to a specific location in the main page, such as a box or form?

Hey @Ed_Stanfield

You can use the element ID as your target URL, and point it toward the parent frame.

So for example: the URL is #lp-pom-form-100, or #section-on-page

That should work :slight_smile:

I never knew what “parent frame” meant. That refers to the landing page associated to a sticky bar or pop up?


Correct, you don’t have to use parent frame though. You could also just point the url to open in the same window and include the complete page url with the element ID on the end.

Great - I’m anxious to try it out!!!

One last question: what the heck does POM stand for :wink: