Links causing errors



I seem to have an issue with my links.

For some reason when a user clicks the top logo for example they get to a page with an error message. The requested URL /cybercrime-mobile/undefined/ was not found on this server.

My links have been copy pasted directly from the url, I know its not a faulty link. Has anyone experienced this before.


Hey Krista - I reviewed your page and can confirm the issue is related to your image setup. Is your top logo supposed to have a link attributed to it? When I review your page in the editor it doesn’t appear to have a set link.

If it is please add it in. You’ll also need to modify your GA event tracking script a bit as it’s formatted to work only with ‘buttons’ and not ‘images’

You’ll want to change the following line from:
$( '#lp-pom-image-16' ).click( function(event) {


$( '#lp-pom-image-16 a' ).click( function(event) {

That should do it. Remember to add that link in! If you need further assistance send an email to and reference this post.


Hi Johny,

Yes there is supposed to be a link, I put a test link inside and follwoed your suggestion. However I wasn’t able to get it to work.


Hi Jonny,

Thank you for the help it works.

The only issue that I have left at the moment is on my disclaimer footer when I click Privacy or terms links it causes the same issue.


Hey Krista - You’ll need to modify another part of your script again:

$( '#lp-pom-text-158' ).click( function(event) {


$( '#lp-pom-text-158 a' ).click( function(event) {