Linking Multiple Unbounce Pages to Form a Funnel


It would be great if pages could be associated with a funnel. For example, I might have 3 Unbounce pages that are part of a sales process (Info Page > Trial Page > Pricing Page) - each having their own function in the sales process.

I would love to create custom funnels that each have their own variants and conversion stats that are actually groups of pages. On a technical level, this is a simple one-to-many relationship (one funnel to many pages).

Do it up guys!!!


Hey Ryan, just wondering, would it be enough to just group the pages for reporting purposes, or do you need additional functionality? Good idea…




I’m new to unbounce and landing page development in general. For me a good start would just be to group for easy navigation between pages (e.g. grouping pages with a like flow, showing the relationship between pages–initial “front door” could have an A/B option that then join into the same funnel afterward, etc) and some basic reporting.


Here is a use case I’d like considered:

I am a paid search advertiser for a college. I just finished creating pages for all of the programs we offer. Now I’m creating campus pages (for our 14 campuses). I have a lead form on the campus page, but I’d like to experiment with adding links to the program pages to see if that will increase conversions. Right now, visitors who would click on the links to the program pages would not be tracked. So I’d have a really hard time measuring the effectiveness of this change.


Thanks for sharing your use case Phillip!

Right now, we’re all hands on deck perfecting Responsive Design but improved reporting is something we definitely want to tackle.

Currently, the majority of our customers with multi-step pages, or multiple conversion goals ,use Google Analytics, Kissmetrics or another tracking tool.
Could GA work for you? If you need a hand let me know, we have some great knowledge base articles that’ll walk you through GA step-by-step

I’d also be very keen on learning what analytics tools other customers in our community use for better insights into their own customers.

Anyone care to share?


Phillip, I wonder of you could use unbounces external tracking code on their own page…lol. Sad

If so, I would setup your test like this:

Add a variant that links to the page, and install the external conversion tracking on that page so the conversion gets counted on your variant. Then you could see if linking to another page helps overall conversions. It’s basically a micro site at that point using a convoluted work around in unbounce.


I thought I had this figured out with the External Tracking Code. It was working great for months. I was able to test an on-page form vs a click-through to form. But recently I’ve been seeing some unusual data with it, so I’m wondering if some Unbounce development made it so it doesn’t work on Unbounce pages anymore.

Can you help me figure out how to track this with GA? I found some reports that show the data I want, but it is sampled data. For small data sets, sampling is unacceptible.

There is also a great tutorial from Kissmetric on how to set up a goal funnel, but unfortunately, it looks like Google changed the product so that tutorial is out of date.

I would love to be able to intergrate with VWO so my variation are designed in Unbounce but tracked (with segments and multiple goals) in VWO.