Linking a URL to a button that will go somewhere else from the confirmation page


I am having a hard time linking to a button on my form confirmation form. When you click it doesn’t go anywhere. The URL is saved, but, it doesn’t open to another page as I set up. How can I fix this? I didn’t realize that this was happening. ugh


Try deleting the URL and re-entering it from scratch. There might be a strange space in there. Or you could just check for said strange spaces 


Maybe even create a whole new button if that doesn’t work.  


Are you sure the referring link is valid? 


I did all of the above. Nothing.  The confirmation page is the correct place to send a person somewhere else after they fill out lead form , correct?  I’m so lost with this. Very discouraging.


Reach out to support during business hours. There’s always someone on chat, they’ll be able to help. The support is one of the best features of unbounce. 


Could you upload a screen shot of where the problem is? Maybe a second pair of eyes can find something.