Link from one variant to another


Hi support,

Love your tool, but have one single question (already looked for it in the tool but those answers seems to be out-dated)

I’d want to link from one variant (champion) to another variant.

e.g. Click here if you have a customer number -> goes to other unbounce page
or make a new account -> supported with a form.

How can i link the button Click here to another page?

(have tried adding /‘variant-number’.html after the URL but that doens’t work)

Thanks in advance!


Hi Pim - Variants are served up based on the percentage weight you give each one, which is necessary when you’re A/B testing them against each other (more on that here:…).

You can definitely create multiple steps in your funnel within Unbounce though. To do this, you’ll want to create multiple pages though–each one will have a unique URL that will make it easy to link between them.


Hi Quinn,

Thank you for your quick response. I’ll make multiple pages then.