Line Spacing

I perused the old forum and this one to find out if there was a way to edit your line spacing. The question hasn’t been posed in a while, so I thought I would ask, is there a way to do this?

via estilos… CSS

You can use the following CSS rule to change the space between lines of text:

     line-height: 2;       /*larger number = more space */
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Hey @Tom_Bruner!

You should be able to edit your line spacing by giving the text you’re working with a click and then adjusting the Line Spacing option under the Properties tab.

You can see what I mean here:

You can also set your own value if you prefer by setting a line spacing value (under Properties) and then double clicking on your text box to access the source code. You can then edit that value there if you need something specific.

I’ve highlighted how to do this in a GIF here (apologies it doesn’t look very good!):

Let me know if we’re on the right track here!