Limitations of Unbounce

Hi there Guys! Can you help me with sharing the limitations of Unbounce. “What cannot be done?”

I am a CRO guy and will help my client build a better Landing Page.

He has Unbounce and makes his LP-s in there. So we will need to build ours there as well.

We want to include some dynamic content, some countdowns, calendars changing dates, $ discounts according to dates, JavaScript, HTML etc. What are the limitations of Unbounce?

We have our own developers who usually code in JavaScript and HTML. Are those compatible?

HOW would YOU do this? If we have our Wireframe, design, copy.

Thank you!

Hey Benjamin, great question. As far as I see it, if you have a good JavaScript developer on hand, there really are no limits to what you can do with Unbounce.

I’m also a CRO guy, and we build 90% of our client’s pages in Unbounce.

We’ve deployed every single one of those types of things you mention: dynamic content, some countdowns, calendars changing dates, $ discounts according to dates, etc.

It’s all possible with JavaSctipt, CSS, HTML, and someone who really knows what they’re doing.

And it works like a charm! Nowadays, I’d say we do more work on the “custom” side of Unbounce than on the “native feature” side. For example, just last week we built a page for a client that has a fully custom multistep form, with custom phone number validation, and routes the visitor to a specific thank you page depending on their form selections. On top of that, the page has a number of other customizations in place too from a sticky header to animated text, and a countdown timer.

Unbounce is the most flexible landing page builder on the market.

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Nicholas, thank you so much for your valuable and insightful response! That is awesome! Really appreciate your time on this.

Do you paste the HTML codes in the “Stylesheet CSS” section?

Hey @Benjamin,

Just like Nicholas said, if you have the in house resources, Unbounce is the best tool around.

Any perceived limitations you can get around with a bit of JS and CSS.

Is it ideal?

No but the rest of the builder more than makes up for it.

We’ve been implementing, testing and developing custom solutions on Unbounce for more than 7 years now and I’m yet to find an alternative that’s better. (Yes, I’ve tried them all).

All platforms have certain limitations and you might as well go with the one that gives you the most benefits despite the limitations. That’s Unbounce hands down.

Over the past 7 years, we’ve done all of the things you’ve mentioned and than some.
At the end, it really comes down to whether a custom feature is worth it and wether it would have the impact on your conversion rates that you think it will have.

Feel free to have your developers join the community if they get stuck and ask questions directly.


P.S. The HTML goes into the HTML element. JS in the JS script manager and CSS in the CSS manager.

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Thank you @Hristian !

Can you recommend a good developer for building Unbounce pages in this context?

I really appreciate the time you took to answer me! Very helpful.

Hey @Benjamin,

I don’t know any developers since we do our dev work in house.

We sometimes do white label work for other agencies so feel free to DM me a bit more details and I’ll see if we have the bandwidth to help you out.