Limit for the number of form entries by either e-mail address or even IP


If we want to run a contest is there a way to set a limit for the number of entries by either e-mail address or even IP 


I haven’t found a solution for this with native Unbounce forms. If I were implementing it, I would look at embedding forms from other vendors to limit submissions. Maybe there’s a way to implement with JS, but that’s above my pay grade.


You can add a cookie to the visitors browser when they submit the form. Then use Javascript to replace the form with text, such as “You’ve already entered.”


thanks guys  - good work arounds - I see Jotform has some very powerful form features to limit entries and do conditional questions - but I’d rather have all the data in one place


Hmmm, good idea Phillip. Have you implemented this yourself? I think this could be a really useful ‘how-to’ workaround article if you’ve managed to get it working!


that would be very useful - thanks


No, I haven’t done this personally.

The W3Schools page has some pretty clear instructions on how to use cookies.