Lightbox renders empty


I followed the details in the unbounce answers about putting up a lightbox for privacy policy:

(1) created and published a page in unbounce for privacy
(2) Turned on javascript indicators and Copied javascript code:

(3) Created a link on privacy text prompt
followed instructions:
for the url
for the target (same window self)
(4) modified script to put in the text id

light box pops up but text is blank

not getting a uRL error so I know url is correct.
modified javascript to add the correct text id


sorry forgot the script
(document).ready(function() { (’#lp-pom-text-85 a’).fancybox({
type: ‘iframe’,
width: 840,
height: 480


Hi Pano - linking to other pages won’t work in preview. There’s code that attempts to keep you on the preview page, so when you do click on an outbound link, that action is blocked. This will happen to links that are served in lightboxes. The javascript will cause the lightbox to load, but the link is blocked, so it comes up empty.

I had a look at your set-up and it all looks good, so if you publish the page, you should see it working properly.


Hey Pano!

I took a gander at your page and it looks like your lightbox isn’t working because the page is unpublished.

Given the fact Unbounce’s “preview” loads in an iframe and you’re using JavaScript, you’ll want to publish the page. Once the page is published, try out the link it should work as expected. Hope that helps!



We’ve released a new feature into beta that allows you to build/launch your lightboxes directly within the page builder itself. This new release will allow you to add images, videos, forms and even scripts (such as Google Maps) to your lightboxes. 

Go check it out and sign up for the beta  here