Lightbox opens when mouse exits page


Hello there!

Anyone know how to create a popup box (lightbox) for when the mouse goes to exit the page? ie the user goes to exit the tab and then a popup appears saying “DON’T LEAVE YET!”.

I’ve seen this on many landing pages.



Hey @erayner :slight_smile:

Well boy did we just have the release destined for you :gif_master: Unbounce just released ‘Convertables’ for paid plans - they are these snazzy overlays that pop up on a trigger - say on exit - and usually are designed with an offer to really entice the customer to convert :slight_smile: do you think that might be what you are after?

You can check out the community post on the release here: Convertables For Everyone!
And we have an awesome introduction to Convertables here:

Have a read through @erayner and let me know your thoughts!