Lightbox on non-Unbounce page


Has anyone every got an Unbounce Lightbox to load from a button on a non-Unbounce page (e.g. from Drupal or Wordpress).

I want to create a form in an Unbounce Lightbox and then have a button on my site to launch it modally.


Hey Stuart!

Unfortunately that isn’t possible right now, it is however on the roadmap to achieve that functionality with Convertables in the new year.

In the meantime, you might want to look into third party form builders, maybe have a look into Wufoo or Formstack.

Hopefully it works out for you, and keep an eye out for a few Unbounce updates in the new year! :wink:


Hey @Stuart_Browne,

If you create an Unbounce page instead of a lightbox you might be able to get it working since the Unbounce page has it’s own URL.

Create a “small” page with a form and dimensions of a lightbox. Publish it and use the URL to load up your own lightbox with the Unbounce page inside.

Might run into some security/cross-browser issues but there is only one way to find out.