Lightbox Load Speed


I have built hundreds of Unbounce landing pages and one thing that consistently underperforms is the lightbox load speed. Typically my lightboxes contain some text and a simple form. No images. It can take anywhere from 2-5 seconds for an unbounce lightbox to load… what gives? Is there a way to speed this up or is an update to the platform needed?


Hey there! Thanks for your feedback here, this is definitely a known issue, both amongst our customers and internally.

I know a few of our @Unbounce-Experts have used some of their own workarounds to by pass this issue, they may be able to weigh in here.

@leah.ann has a hack which involves creating your own lightbox using box elements, which isn’t exactly ideal, but it does the trick.

Additionally, @finge used to use custom javascript which basically opened a lightbox that was a hidden element on the page, before we launched lightboxes natively within the builder.

I’m not sure how cumbersome it would be to create a custom js lightbox that’s hidden on the page, but that’s worth looking into and adding to our Tips and Scripts category.


Using custom scripts as a workaround could be faster, but I would still recommend using the built in feature. We never use the workarounds ourselves as they aren’t as robust as the built in feature for desktop vs mobile etc.


I agree that custom scripts and workarounds really should not be required. Considering that Unbounce is a platform built on optimizing landing experiences to collect leads (often via a form) you’d think that speeding up lightbox loading would be priority #1? Interstitials are not exactly new technology!! But instead of complaining I’ll just outline what we’d love to see happen: Upgrade the platform to include blazing fast lightbox loading. A nice to have would be some animations so that the form can load in more visually exciting ways. I do appreciate everything Unbounce is good for but the lightbox load issue is pretty brutal and needs attention!


Is there any update on this. Given how much Unbounce costs compared to other platforms I’m disappointed that I need to implement a manual workaround for such a key lead-gen feature.


My Lightbox is not even loading the images on the background


Same problem here @Unbounce-Experts is there anything we can do here to preload the lightbox?


Same problem here at

We did an analysis using mouseflow – we estimate we are losing 25% of our leads due to this issue …


5 to 10 seconds delay for lightboxes here. Fast internet connection. I usually avoid using them but a client demanded to have them… read about the workaround, any links to them?