Lightbox Limit


Can I increase the lightbox limit on my page?  It’s presently at 10.


Hi Sofia, 
At this time you can’t, since you’ll start to run into some speed issues when loading the page. Is there any way to display the information that you’re putting in the lightbox on the landing page itself? I’m curious to hear what are all in your lightboxes!


I am running into this issue to. I am trying to create an image gallery with thumbs and using the lightbox to view the larger images.


@Justin, is there a workaround for the lightbox limit? I need 18 lightboxes for speaker bios in my event landing page. Unfortunately I realized there was a limit after doing 10 of them :expressionless:

New Year, New Builder Optimizations: Two New Workflow Improvements

Hey @Convert! Our hard limit in the builder is set at 10, but I just DM’d you with a possible temporary solution.


Hello @Justin ! I really need to add light boxes to my landing page but I’m currently limited to 20. How can I fix it ? Can you give me the temporary solution.