Lightbox Form Error


Hi there,

I’m writing because I’m having a problem with setting up a lightbox form in Unbounce.

In Preview mode, I click the button to bring up the lightbox and it loads normally. The underlying page remains dimly visible, and I can click anywhere outside the lightbox to close it.

However, in the Live version of the page, when I click the button to bring up the lightbox, the lightbox loads as another page unconnected from the landing page, and the only way to return is to click ÒBackÓ in the browser.

Here’s the landing page with the error:…

I was wondering how to resolve this error, please?

Thanks very much,



Hi Peter, 
It looks like we might need to dig into this one a little deeper. I’m going to go ahead and ask my awesome Customer Success team to chime in. Look out for an email shortly!



I am having the same issue. Would you mind sharing how to solve this error?

Thanks in advance,