Lightbox content loads slowly


After clicking on the lightbox button, the content within it takes 4-5 second to load, causing visitors to close the lightbox before they even see the content. 
I’ve tried reducing the size of the images within the lightbox, testing different types of content (text, form, images), but the result is still the same. 

Has anyone experienced this? Is there something I can try doing to fix it. 
Ideally, I’d like the content to appear instantly.



Yes! This is a massive drawback of the unbounce lightbox method - that a completely new page has to be loaded in the lightbox. Is there no way the content can be preloaded when the page loads? 

If its a big issue you can use the old method which includes some custom javascript to load up a hidden div which is your lightbox. Then the content loads with the main page.


I’m having this same issue! @Jeremy_Hobin, where can I find how to load the lightbox with the rest of the page? My lightbox currently takes 7 seconds to load!! Nobody would stick around for that.


I’m having this same issue and it appears tech support has not responded yet. What can we do here? It makes the lightbox feature basically useless if it can’t load at the same time as the page.


Same issue. The lightbox loads slowly, certainly impacts conversions.


Same thing here. I’ve personally watched visitors open the window and then close it before it loads using Fullstory.