Let me know what you think about this landing page!

Hi there!

I did this landing page: https://enterprise.classgap.com/empresas/

Which I like, but it’s being hard getting leads (we are only doing a Linkedin campaign).

Would like to hear your comments on it!

Thank you!

hi Sandra,

Design-wise, it looks great!

I think the messaging could use some work though. I still don’t know if I understand what it is offering. I used Google Translate to read it, so that could be some of the reason, but overall, even with that, I don’t understand what the page offers.

Is it a learning management system like Teachable or Thinkific? Or something more like Udemy or Skillshare but for enterprise? Whatever the case may be, I would work to clarify the main message.

The main headline for example, says “The customized learning.” I am not sure what this means. It may be better to focus on the problem you’re solving, and give the visitor a frame of reference so that they can compare this product against others that they are already familiar with. A lot of companies do this by saying they are “the Uber of X,” since everyone knows what Uber is.

I would also highlight some of the specific trainings you provide, because in the section that says “try two free class hours,” there’s no mention of what kind of training. The more specific, the better, because then people can see the value.

Lastly, I would recommend adding some testimonials to the page to add some social proof and to further show people how the product is used.

Hope this helps! Best of luck!


Make your buttons blue for more contrast. Use the blue that you use throughout the page for consistency. Put your form above the fold in the top right section, by making them click a button to go to the form you are creating an unnecessary step and unnecessary friction. Also move any social proof or testimonials above the fold as well. These are all landing page best practices. Hope it helps, cheers!