Leads go missing


I have 12 conversions on a low-traffic landing page (of which 1 lead was my own test and another 2 were sent to a dummy page, leaving 9 sent to the shopping cart page).

However my visitors seem to ‘‘go missing’’ after they click on the CTA button. I cannot use Google Analytics to track the visitors after the CTA button because they go to a third-party shopping cart and then to PayPal, both places where I cannot apply the GA snippet.

What can I do to solve the problem? Maybe someone knows a shopping cart solution (including payment processor) that allows me to track the user? Is this a common problem? If so, does anyone know what’s happening?

Right now I am using e-junkie with PayPal. The whole process does seem very user-unfriendly but I have no idea what other solutions there are for selling a download. E-junkie is easy to set up and has very low fees. PayPal accepts credit cards and of course their own payments, plus they have a relatively low fee and no fixed costs.


Another thing I just noticed: When I tried the CTA button in the live version, it worked just fine. However in the preview it doesn’t work. Apparently the query string goes missing.

I think for that problem I’ll redirect through my own domain and add the query string there but this could be a bug (plus it’s quite inconvenient).


Are you trying to track people who are buying from you? If so, you can checkout this E-junkie help page for integrating E-junkie with Google Analytics - http://www.e-junkie.com/ej/help.track…

If you are looking to track what everyone does when they come to your website, if they buy from you or not, then you will most likely want to build a custom tracking system for your website.


Hmm interesting link. I asked E-junkie about this before and the support told me it is not possible to track my visitors. I’ll look into this – thanks!


The broken query string in preview links is something we *just* fixed!


If I understand your question correctly, you’re trying to get some analytics insight into your conversion funnel? One thing you could consider is specifying the Return URL on your Paypal integration, and using a page where you have GA setup. That could even be a “thank you” page hosted on Unbounce.