Leads & Form Integration Questions: How to remove old fields from the report?



I have created and published a page with a submission form with 5 multi-text fields. After done testing submitting one form, I was able to see the lead generation form all right. So far so good.

The problem happened when I updated the name/title of those 5 multi-text fields and republished the page.

After re-tested the submission flow, now there are 2 generated leads (that’s fine, although I will be happy if I am able to remove those two tested leads) with a total of 10 multi-text fields (5 from the previous test and 5 from the current one).

Please see the image attached.

Could you let me know if I can remove the initial multi-text fields from the previous test and also subsequent test?

Thank you.


Hi Aryo - Once you change the field name the leads area will see it as a completely new field. They also retain on your leads reporting as those columns may have data already associated with it.

At the moment there’s no way to modify the leads data or eliminate those additional columns. However, if your willing to start your page fresh with no stats you can try duplicate the page. This will eliminate traces of the old fields and start you off with fresh stats (but they will still be contained in the original copy). It’s not a viable solution for everyone but one you can look into if it’s a good fit.