Leadboxes with unbounce?



I really would love to get the functionality of leadpoges by leadpages work with unbounce.

I run a wordpress page and I want to add a button for getting more information. Based on click a modal or lightbox should open.

Within the modal it would be great to load a unbounce page. Based on submission the visiter should be lead back to the original page.

I already asked this question in the support forum. I got an answer which I was not able to implement.

It would be great to get some support. I believe it is an effective function…

Many Thanks and best regards


Answer I got so far:

(Unbounce Answers)

Oct 23 03:06 PM

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m happy to help you out here. I am attaching a simple workaround that requires a little javascript be placed on your page. This will allow you to achieve what you asked for! :slight_smile:

You’ll need to do the following:

  1. Create a box on your page within your page builder. This is going to be the box which opens up when someone clicks your button.
  2. Apply this javascript to your page: https://gist.github.com/jmso01/ee5834…
  3. Change the javascript to reflect the correct id of the box and the button
    (you can find the Id of an element in the ‘advanced’ properties box on the bottom right of your page builder when an element is selected)

You’ll want to ensure everything you wish to appear in the pop up box is built into that box you created in step one.

Here’s an example page that shows the script in action! http://unbouncepages.com/lightbox-form/


Hey Bjšrn

The directions given to you were for bringing up a lightbox form within your Unbounce landing page itself.

It sounds like you are instead wanting your Wordpress page to open a Unbounce page in a lightbox. Unbounce pages in general aren’t quite meant to be used this way, but you should be able to do so using a lightbox plugin for Wordpress. There’s a number of them out there but here’s one that’s similar to what we use on our own pages.


Haven’t tried their WP plugin myself, but I assume you just specify the URL of your Unbounce landing page as the page to be presented.

Hope that helps!


Can anyone provide the updated link at github for the javascript to do a sort of leadboxes effect?


Hey Bjšrn,

Unbounce is working on a direct Wordpress integration so it looks like in the not so distant future you can bypass the leadboxes and take full advantage of Unbounce pages inside Wordpress.  I know that’s not the answer you were looking for, but maybe it will cheer you up for the near future.

Best of luck,