Lead validation with two thank you page



I’m wondering if it is possible to implement the followings:
Get the form content forwarded to a 3rd party lead validation vendor (to check against stop file) and based on SUCCESS or FAIL feedback, present two possible thank you page for the visitor. One says Thank you, your order is accepted and another with some Sorry, something went wrong etc. message.

The vendor expects something like this delivered to their system
http://vendorpage.com/?country=dk&cid=1773&pid=484&firstname=Hans&lastname=Jensen&address=TESTADDRESS 77&zip=1202&city=TESTBY&telephone=12123369&mobilephone=12123369&field1=10016237010&dobday=07&dobmonth=12&dobyear=1968&email=njnkotjhma@test.com&gender=M

After validation the vendor do the following: A successful lead will generate the response SUCCESS. If some data is wrong or do not pass the validation procedures, the server will respond FAIL followed by a brief description of the error. The response values will be passed as plain text in capital letters in the response from the server.

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Hi @gszinyei,

Is it possible - yes.

You’ll have to stop/pause your form submission event, send the data and based on the response redirect to the desired page.

Here you can find a bit more about pausing your form and how you would go about doing it.




The link Hristian referenced sounds like exactly what you need. I’m currently using an API get to validate leads with another database, it was no simple task to implement. But it’s up and running for a couple of the brands I work with.

Reply to that thread Hristian linked to with questions if you run into an issue, I’d be happy to help if needed.


Guys, thank you very much for the help! Your input was much appreciated! Now we are trying to get this script implemented.

Kind regards