Lead Routing/Distribution



I run a lead generation site and use Unbounce with Zapier to route leads to my clients based on the state the lead is from.

The integration worked really well until recently, I think Zapier is having some capacity issues w/ their Gmail integration.

What’s the best way to route leads to my clients without Gmail? I have 6 clients, each has a few different states.
So for John, he needs to get all leads in Florida. The state field on my form is a drop down so it never changes.

Any help is greatly appreciated in advance!



Hi @Ricardo_Roberts,

I’m not sure how many leads you are pushing per day but Gmail does have a daily limit on how many emails you can send through it.
(I might be wrong but I believe it was around 100 or 150 emails per day)

Google Apps / G suite limits as far as I remember are a lot higher.

So that’s one thing to look into.

Another option would be to write a script that would receive the webhook/form’s data and forward it to the appropriate company/client.

It should be pretty straight forward to do through PHP.

Hope this points you in the right direction.



Hi Hristian! Thanks for the quick reply. The max would be about 40 per day, so I’m sure that’s not it. How would I get someone to write a PHP script? Is there anyone on here you could recommend, or should I look on Upwork.com or something similar?




Hi @Ricardo_Roberts,

You can definetly try Upwork to find a developer.

My own agency also does contract work, when time allows it so feel free to DM me.



There are paid solutions which can be very effective - probably more so with multiple offers / sectors and clients (they give you the flexibility to change things up - a bit like unbounce for landing pages).

But may not make sense if it’s one site and 6 clients.

http://www.leadbyte.co.uk/ is one, we use http://getcake.com/ which does this + allot more.