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Hi all

I have an idea for enhancing Unbounce ‘leads’. The way my integration works is that it pushes straight through from the leads to my clients system via my server every 24hrs. One thing that is a problem is if we do test registrations or if we need to add more leads internally. I could possibly go into the server and manually edit the csv file before it transfers to the clients server but this is a lot of work.

What would be ideal for me and possibly a number of other businesses is that the Leads section is developed so that it is editable within Unbounce so you can add, remove & amend leads.

Thanks, J


Hey @James_Dixon1!

Great idea. I know users have voted on the ability to delete leads in Unbounce, but this sounds like it would be a step further.

Heads up, I moved this from #mixed-bag to #feature-requests so others can like and vote on this as well. :slight_smile:


Hi James,

A quick and more immediate solution might be to add an extra hidden field to your forms.

When testing you would a value of “TEST” in it and when the page goes live, you would substitute the value to “LIVE”.

After that, all you have to do is tell your script that if the value of that hidden field is “TEST” not to push those rows.



Good call, @hristian!


@Hristian, as always you’ve come up with a good work around there! One of the big things is test which your idea would solve but there is other random things that come up that I need to change in the leads so hopefully @Justin 's team will improve this in the long term - also thanks for moving my post to the right sections :slight_smile:

Cheers, J