Lead data ( IP address and Desktop vs mobile)


Hi there, Can you capture lead data (mainly IP address) without using a form? Right now the page has a form with a hidden field to collect stats to differentiation desktop from mobile, and it is also collecting IP address. Is there a way to collect all of that information (desktop vs mobile and IP address) without using a form? Let’s say, is there a way to capture that data in leads from a button and more than one button since there is one in the hero image and one further down the page.

Edited to add: We need the IP address to cross reference leads


Hello, I am sure it is possible but not technical enough to tell you how unfortunately :grinning:

I would say however that cross referencing by ip I is horrible and imprecise - and shared IPs are common on mobile.

Much better to add a URN if possible. If you use third party tracking you can use this to generate the urn or you can also generate on site (again I can’t tell you how :frowning: ).


Hi @Jennifer_wp,

@Alex_Scovell makes some really great points that relying solely on IP address is not really recommended.

Also, maybe I’m missing something from your description above but if you don’t want to use a form how do you plan on pushing the lead data to your backend?

A lot of CRM solutions allow you to cookie anonymous visitors and upon a form submission to associate this anonymous data with a lead.
However, these won’t work “out of the box” with an Unbounce form so you need some custom development to make them work.

The only other possible solution is to set a cookie/local storage record that eventually upon a form submission would fill out the required information into hidden fields.


EDIT: One more thought… capturing IP address from the client side (browser) is also not really reliable.


Thanks @Alex_Scovell and @Hristian for the info! It’s actually an ecomm site, so there isn’t a need for a form to capture lead data. They really want to know where in the process people are dropping off, and if they are coming from mobile or desktop. With another embedded script we’re able to see these people but for cross reference we were going to use IP.


I’m no expert with Google Analytics - but from my knowledge it should do what you are looking for?

what other script are you using?


It’s called ConversionRuler. Google Analytics does a fair amount but I’m not sure how it’ll work with the data we need.
For our needs, I’m not sure how everything ties together,I just work with the account managers who get their questions from the clients.