Lead Conversion Tracking Issue



I’m having an issue with lead conversion tracking. I’ll try to be clear as I can;

What I used to do
I used to track conversion events on my Wordpress page. Now that I’m using UB, I only use the domain and hosting of WP

What I am trying to do
My landing page (LP) has a lot of urls that lead to another landing page (say; it starts from abc.com and ends up at xyz.com) and on xyz.com, there is also another FB pixel which measures conversion and purchase (not lead). I’m also running FB ads to drive traffic to my own website.

So the funnel is this (Btw, this structure is indisputable, so I cannot make alterations throughout the process)

User clicks on FB ad -> lands on abc.com // user clicks on an URL on abc.com -> ends up on xyz.com

I’ve implemented the Pixel base code to UB with javascripts but now I don’t know how to measure clicks from abc.com to xyz.com with a FB pixel (I know that I can set up conversion goals on UB but that’s insufficient for optimising)

The main reason is this; there are 100 users that see my fb ad, 50 of them click and visit abc.com and in that 50, lets say only 25 of them click and visit xyz.com. I don’t have a fill form area on abc.com and don’t need to have it cause abc.com only serves as a presentation to xyz.com. Sort of like this; xyz.com is a gyms website, and abc.com is a nutrition information site that has nothing to do with gyms, but just happens to have some links that suggest exercise is good for you.

I want to measure every outbound link on abc.com as a lead. So I can optimise my ads accordingly. Is there any way we can pull this off?


Good mornin’!

Let’s see if we can get this up and running for you. Are you currently using Google Analytics to track traffic & conversions? If not, I suggest you do. Simply follow the steps right here. By default, GA will now track all events, including button clicks, form completions & outbound links.

You’ll then need to simply create “Goals” in GA in order to track outbound clicks as conversions. If you need a hand w/ this, let me know!

Let me know if that helps!



Hi there,

@Stefano is right that you should be tracking and measuring everything through Google Analytics.

Also, based on your description make sure you have cross-domain tracking set up.

If you are talking about Facebook automagically optimizing your traffic then you would again have to look into cross-domain tracking for the Facebook pixel.