Layout Shifting Between Desktop and Mobile


Totally frustrated!

I have dropped a social widget onto my desktop layout, done the coding, saved it and republished.

Now the social widget on the mobile version is off the page.

Now I place the social widget on the mobile version, save it and republish.

Now the social widget has moved on the desktop.



Hey Leonardo! I’m sorry to hear you’re frustrated!

Thankfully, I have a solution that you can try and let me know if it solves the problem.

When you’re working in the page builder in the desktop version and you don’t want changes to apply to your mobile version, hold down the command key if you’re working on a Mac. If you’re working on PC, hold down the Control key.

Here’s some documentation to help you out as well (scroll to the section titled Moving elements between page sections and unparenting nested elements)

Let me know if that works. :blush: