Landingpages layout broken on Chrome version 43.0.2357.130 (64-bit)


Hi Guys,

I am having trouble with the layout of my landing pages in Google Chrome v. 43.0.2357.130 (64-bit). Pictures are missing and all elements seem to be shifted around. 
I also tried to publish an Unbounce templeate in order to see if I made some mistakes in the code. But same issue here. Do you have any idea how to overcome this?


You running Adblock? Seems we have some issues with that atm, trying to think of a work around and test some ideas.


straight to the topic! thanks a lot. 


Hey Mattis - one of our Amazon Cloudfront end points was added to EasyList (which is a blocklist that some Adblockers use). We’ve had that removed now, but you’ll need to update your blocklist to force the update (or wait for your instance of Adblock to update on its own schedule).


Hey Mattis, 
Were you able to get this remedied by updating your adblock rules? We had an issue where our CDN was being flagged on Easylist, but it’s since been taken care of. Let us know if it’s fixed on your end. :slight_smile:


Thank you guys! This will do the trick… poor users who are not aware of this…