Landingpage name visible for everyone?


I just realized that anyone who visits my landingpages can see the name I gave the page inside of unbounce.
I name lots of pages after affiliate partners so that i know which page belongs to whom.
When a visitor looks into the code of any published page he can find a parameter called “” which shows exactly how I named the page inside of unbounce.

Is there a way to hide that?

There are some confidential information in the names I give my pages and I think that lot of other people name their pages like I do to keep them organized (beyond groups).

Anyone else seeing an issue with that?


Hello Jullian,

I don’t believe there is any way to hide that parameter.  It’s default and useful if you want to track in google analytics.  Hopefully someone can provide a solution the equivalent of Google tag manager for this, but I’m out of my element :slight_smile:

The obvious answer, though not ideal, would be to come up with abbreviations and codes that only you would know.  

Best of luck,



Okay thank you very much. I was hoping that there is a way to mark may pages to keep them organized. Something like “notes” for each page or so.


There are notes for each page, but unfortunately not for each individual variant.  Might be something that you could make an argument for though :slight_smile: