Landingpage Generator d


I am programming a members area on the main website I have two register buttons and want to make a section where members can past in their ref links and a new landingpage is generated with their links in the buttons. What would be the best way be to approach it?


Hi Engele!

Let me just make sure I understand what you’re asking…

You’re looking for a way to have a landing page load on button-click, and have Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) on that landing page that brings in the reference number using UTM parameters?

If I’m correct about that, the buttons on your main website would need to be capable of sending UTM parameters over to the landing page so DTR can be used.

However, if your goal is for the reference links to create content (other than what the link is), then unfortunately that’s not possible.

There’s a lot of jargon here, so please feel free to come back with any questions!