Landing pages over HTTPS


We would like unbounce to enable HTTPS for the published landing pages.

Generally it would be good practice using a secure channel, as people might give up their email addresses and other personal information. (In my organization, several people are skeptical about using Unbounce simply for the lack of HTTPS.)

It would also open up for making landing pages embedded in Facebook apps (which now must have an HTTPS fallback), and other similar integrations.


Just had to rule out UB for a client project because of this. Wufoo has SSL encryption for their forms (at certain price points) that can be embedded in UB but this defeats the purpose because conversions can’t be tracked easily.


I need the link to start with “itms” and it is not possible to do it because we have the before the link.
How can I solve that.
It is a call to action button


Hey guys, just wanted to update this thread to let you know that we are actively investigating support for SSL. It’s coming up on our roadmap and we should have a good idea about how we’ll approach it fairly soon.


Is there any update on this please? This is crucial for Facebook integration. Tx.


Hi Cedric, unfortunately I don’t have a more accurate ETA to give you, but this is still high up on our list once we finish up the projects we’re in the middle of. Can I ask if you are only looking for SSH to build facebook pages, or if you have a use for ssh with other landing pages?


Hi Carter, only for Facebook. Using woobox static html tab & embedding Unbounce doesn’t cut it because on IE it gives warnings.


Any more update on this topic? I was trying to do the same thing to use UB landing page to capture emails to my newsletter. It will not work as of now. Is this possible with some other way? Thanks.


i have the same issue. it will temporarily display the page, but will then remove.


bump, anything ??


Hey Antonio,
We have completely re-written our Page Server to accommodate a feature we’re currently beta testing: Dynamic Text Insertion. This re-write was a big precursor to support SSL which is still among our top next projects on the roadmap.



I’m curious. I bought a landing page template from ThemeForest.

The Lean Slider is NOT working. The source code tells me that the Lean Slider JQuery is trying to access…

Is it possible that the Lean Slider isn’t working because the jQuery cannot be reached at the https:// location?

Thank you,


bump :wink: any news ?


Hi Taylor Ñ we just launched our new Page Server on Monday which sets the stage for SSL. The project hasn’t officially been kicked of yet, but it’s next on the roadmap now that this Page Server project is done. You can read more about the recent launch over here:…


Hi, is there any deadline for the SSL feature?



Hi Ginga - It is a project we’re currently working on, but we don’t have a firm deadline/ETA at this time. Rest assured that we are anxious to get an SSL solution available for those who need it as soon as we can.



I’d love to know if there has been any movement on this topic. I’m a new customer who just signed up for Unbounce to use with Healthcare PPC, but we obviously need HTTPS or secured form. Any updates?




Hi Rob - We have been actively working on steps (further infrastructure upgrades, initial UI/UX stuff, and investigating SSL cert providers and pricing), but we don’t yet have an ETA.


Hey Rob, I’ll also just chime in that the team of developers building SSL had an opportunity to fix up some spam issues for customers being hit badly on their Unbounce forms. That’s pushed SSL a little bit, but we are about to dig back in now.



Thanks for the quick responses! As I’m sure you can imagine, this is a key feature to make this platform viable in healthcare situations. Glad to hear you are working on it though - I’m looking forward to it’s release!