Landing Pages for Video ads


Does anyone have any landing page advice specific to video ads (such as youtube, or preroll campaigns)? should they incorporate a video as well? Is there a certain mindset one might be in after having seen a video?


Hey @Jaime_Sikora! Great question.

I would say most of the video ads I’ve seen on YouTube do not incorporate a video as well. Is this good practice? I am not completely sure. It would highly depend on what it is your are selling/giving away.

My advice: test & share your results with the community :slight_smile:


Hey @Jaime_Sikora great question!

Consider the video on YouTube just a commercial for your LP. It is best practice not to have that video on the LP again. You could however have another video that continues telling the story, but be careful. If they made it to the LP after watching your video they are almost if not completely sold so don’t over do it.

Of course there are always exceptions. Testimonial videos are great way to drive traffic to an LP or page and then have a product/service oriented video where they land. Or vice versa.

We typically tend to build out very simple LPs that enforce the CTA from the video. Give a bit more information and make the SALE on that page!

I’d also repurpose the video for a PPC campaig. This way they have not seen the video and you can incorporate it on your LP.

Just keep testing to see what works best - hope that helps :slight_smile: