Landing Page Tips For A Fellow Unbouncer?


Hey everybody,

Our current landing page at Nexus Conversions for our animated explainer videos could really use some feedback.  I have seen a lot of the landing pages you all have made and am always amazed at the creativity and expertise of our community.  If you have a moment, feel free to take a peak at our short landing page and maybe even drop us a note on how to make it better.  We would love to hear any tips and opinions YOU may have!  I really value your time and generosity in helping a fellow Unbouncer improve :slight_smile:

Let me know if I can return the favor!

Thanks in advance,

Joe Faillace


Include a URL to your landing page if you would like me to provide feedback on yours :slight_smile:


Hi Joe!

Thanks for sharing your landing page with the community!

 I’m really glad that you’ve kept your CTA copy consistent all throughout the page, as well as reinforcing it at the end as a reminder. Usually, I would comment on removing the three additional videos but because it doesn’t lead to another page, I believe it’s alright. Although you can barely see them as they’re tiny. You may want to opt to custom coding this part of your page so that the three explainer videos pop up in alightbox. The article I’ve linked will also show you how to add smooth scrolling to your reinforcement CTAs so it doesn’t just jump back to the form. Instead, it slides beautifully across your page. The icons look great and I think if you made them consistent all throughout, it would be even better! : ) Just a thought: perhaps you can get a testimonial from one of your clients so that you can add social proof on your page? That would definitely bring the point home of why people should hire you for their service! Overall, this page is solid! You’ve followed Conversion Centred Design principles and it shows as I know exactly what you are offering on this page!

If you have any more questions, I’d be happy to answer them! : )

  • Denise


Hey Joe,

Love your landing page - really nice and clear, simple and effective design, great use of colours that tie back to your brand identity. Video is super awesome too ! Thanks for sharing !

Just a few things I’d maybe think about …

  1. I’d be really interested in seeing the results of an A/B test where the variant swaps the sub headline text ‘Converting Complacent Visitors etc …’ with ‘Up To 86% Conversion Increase’ (or maybe ‘Increase Your Conversions by Up To 86%’. My question would be based on the impact of this on people watching the video or clicking the CTA underneath.

  2. After watching the video I felt more connected to the CTA - but beforehand - I felt a bit unsure about clicking the button - a bit ‘what am clicking this for - what will they want from me’ … I wonder if there might be a way to test a brief bit of explanation - nearer the CTA - so where it says ‘no obligation consultation etc …’ that kind of thing ? Does that make sense ? I’m thinking about the traffic that will come and won’t maybe have time or the need to watch the video … 

  3. When I click the CTA - I’m no immediately drawn to the form - and it feels like the flow breaks here (only ever so slightly) - I’m wondering whether it would be worth using the box on the left to firstly explain again so there is a link between the the text in the CTA and the form - something like ’ To get your free explainer video brainstorm fill in the form and we’ll contact you to book a consultation’ (probably something a bit better than that) - and then follow on with the three reasons to do it and the Fortune 500 thing again … Might be worth testing this out.

Hope that helps and makes sense …

Carry On Converting …




I will check these out :slight_smile:


Hi Amit!

First off, big fan of your engagement in the community and really appreciate that you took the time to share your thoughts. 

Your insight on essentially “boiling down” the subheadline to it’s pure essence of being able to increase your conversion rate by up to 86% is refreshing.  I can completely see how their might be a disconnect with the current and that ultimately, the real value is in understanding how a video can directly and measurably impact results

Interesting point on how the CTA may leave a little hesitance to move forward!  A little reassurance could go a long way and you are right that potential customers (specially in the B2B space) are going to be skeptical.  Solid action point that needs to be addressed :slight_smile:

In regards to transitioning the prospect to the form fill, I am so glad that you shared your perspective.  Reflecting on it, there seems to be a gap where the visitor is becoming comfortable with the idea of what value they can gain from working with us on a custom video and it jumps straight into a form fill for some “brainstorm”.  For a lack of better terminology, the “funnel progression” may be too abrupt currently. 

Fantastic feedback all around and everything you said made perfect sense!  I look forward to implementing the changes that you have inspired.

Thank you,



Really found these useful, Denise!   I definitely see that The Noun Project will be a life saver going forward and will really try to hone in on having consistent icons.

Thanks again,



Hi Joe,

Thanks so much! Means a lot - I’m certainly no expert - but love engaging with the great community we have here.

Really glad my thoughts made sense to you and I’d be really interested to see the results of any tests or experiments you perform. Good luck with it all - see you back here soon - will certainly share a page up for some feedback when I’m back working.

All the best from over the pond …



Nonsense!  :slight_smile: you are an expert and your points were spot on.  In the short term, the volume of visitors coming to the Nexus Conversions page is limited so my A/B tests are weak…that said, our aim is to be transparent and especially with those who have helped us evolve. 

Looking forward to returning the favor, Amit!




Hi Joe et al,

Just put this page together for a client  … be great if I could get some feedback from the community !

Backstory : very niche product - hard tail mountain bikes that are geometrically superior to most others out there - client is slowly rising to become very well known in their niche. Customer will be very informed upon getting to the page (so the hypothesis goes).

No need to be gentle - hit it hard !!!




I’m on it, Amit!  :slight_smile: will get back to you with feedback shortly.




Hi Amit,

This landing page looks fantastic!  Your attention to aesthetics is excellent.  If I was to look for any sticky points here might be some things to further analyze and evaluate:

  1. Could a video help increase conversions rates?   It is important to note that even being an animated video producer, that I believe animation is not best for your client on this specific landing page.  A real live recorded video of mountain bikers having a blast on their new Stanton bikes could do wonders to help emotionally trigger a conversion.  The audience can see how much fun that they *could* be having and really visualize themselves in the experience that the Stanton bike can deliver. 

  2. Could each frame be split into their own landing page to have only one CTA and more in depth detail on each fork?  When I saw two, I instantly went into comparison mode and started asking myself which is better than the other and how will I find out?  Could other users be put into comparison mode and how might they perceive a BUY NOW CTA while wanting to learn more  about each?

  3. Does having two BUY NOW CTA’s have any negative affect on conversion rate?   Could you get away with having only one CTA?

  4. Does the page ending CTA to read the review negatively affect the visitor’s path toward converting?   Or are do they read the review and know more than ever that they are ready to BUY NOW and go back into the sales funnel?

  5. How does the average visitor perceive the quoted review and does its length impact that feeling?   Could visitors grasp the overall concept with just stopping the quote at the sentence that ends in “…one” or would they miss out on vital review feedback that propels them to BUY NOW?

  6. Could the review be converted into a video testimonial and how would visitors perceive this?  Would seeing who Ed actually is and real visual elements from his experience and the enery he has as he passionately recommends the Stanton bikes positive affect conversion rate?

  7. Will visitors know who Ed is off the bat or would they benefit from seeing a picture of who he is or even a picture of him using the Stanton bikes?   Is PinBike’s authority enough that visitors are not really even concerned with exactly who their writer/reviewer, Ed, is?

  8. Would having the PinBike logo centered and enlarged to cover at least the width of the two BUY NOW CTA’s make a visually appealing/symetrical divider into the next segment?   Would having the read the review line beneath the PinBike logo not be as natural as it currently reads going from left to right after the current logo size/positioning?

  9. Would visitors enjoy being able to zoom in on the beautiful frames or maybe just be able to make them bigger in a lightbox?   Do they even felt drawn to examine the frame further with this or is it a distraction?

  10. Would the FREE DELIVERY IN THE UK offer that appears on the page after clicking the BUY NOW CTA assist conversions by being mentioned on the landing page?   Is free delivery perceived as a status quo offering that distracts from the deep discounts on the frames?

I believe the landing page is great and that you really have something that educated mountain bikers will enjoy and want to explore further (hopefully through your CTA’s! :-)*).  You asked for feedback, but rarely do momentary best practices and my opinions turn out to be the best results for the long run.  I hope that the questions above help spark some analysis, evaluation and discussion that can lead to many more great A/B tests in the future.  Look forward to seeing how the page evolves over time.




Hi Joe,

Awesome feedback ! I’m in meetings all day - but will get back to you later - some amazingly valuable take homes here … 




Hi Amit,

If you would like, we can continue this conversation to email.  Feel free to contact me via hello(at)  Also contacted a friend of mine who mountain bikes 3 times a week and just purchased a $700 bike last month.  He was kind enough to provide feedback on what could be improved from his point of view.




The explainer video was awesome. I would have preferred the sign up at the end, I felt interrupted, as I was enjoying the video a great deal. The one thing on my mind was price. Now there may be some great marketing strategy behind this but as a possible buyer, price was on my mind. If its too expensive I cant be persuaded, if I see a possibility then I’m in for the chat.


Hey Barrie,

Thank you for the feedback and the video compliment!  Turnstiles are a tricky thing because you are balancing generating leads from a video with an enjoyable experience.  

We will definitely keep this in mind and I completely understand your point about pricing transparency.  Pricing is dependent on the custom requirements i.e. # of characters etc.

Do you think that communicating a starting point price would be beneficial?  Example, starting at $3,750

Thanks again,


Hi Joe!

No worries, I’m happy to help! : ) You’re welcome re: the link, I thought that might be useful. 

You can check outThe Noun Project (most of the icons here you can download for free and just need to credit the artist in some form) and Flat Icons. These two sites have more than enough. I do recommend carefully picking the icons though, because even though all three are outlines, for example, doesn’t necessarily mean they are consistent. Are the corners rounded in all of them or are they straight? Do the corners touch or do they leave little spaces?

There are sites such as Iconutopia, where you can learn to do custom icons and also get free icons (eventually) if you subscribe to their list.

Let me know if those sites help! : ) I personally go to The Noun Project almost everyday to see different styles of iconography.

Again, no problem! Thank YOU for sharing!

  • Denise


Hi Denise!

Insightful responses like yours is what makes the Unbounce community so great :slight_smile:

Your suggestion on the three explainer videos is spot on and you helped me see how they are diminishing the total user experience.  Awesome of *you* to include the direct link to how to implement this lightbox for a better experience!

Your observation on the smooth scrolling is equally as critical and I love how you describe that the user will experience it as sliding across the page.  It currently is like a 90 degree turn on a roller coaster haha.  I have made another action point to add this in pronto.

Also your feedback on the icons is 100% right.  The change in icon style is a lapse in the user experience and just like message match is critical, so is one’s visual continuity.  I have noted to either design custom elements or find an icon pack that can accomplish this!  Any advice on where to find a solid pack of PNG icons like this or a reasonably affordable place to have them custom designed?

Lastly, I couldn’t agree more that social proof will assist conversions and we are working on building a case study at the moment.  This in combination with a few quality testimonials from happy clients will surely alleviate any concerns and compound on any hopes of the quality animations that Nexus Conversions can deliver.

Thank you so much for taking the time to evaluate our landing page and share your knowledge with us!  You know your stuff :slight_smile: