Landing page - thoughts?


Hi all,

any feedback on this would be amazing -

thank you so much in advance, Dan


Hey Dan,

Very impressive page design! From a visual design standpoint, this is one of the nicest custom Unbounce pages I’ve seen in a while.

From a conversion perspective, it all makes sense, and I like the headline and the multiple calls to action.

My only four points of feedback would be:

  1. There are a lot of “page leaks.” Basically, you have a lot of outbound links that are pointing to other parts of your main site, or your social channels, etc. Oli (one of the Unbounce founders) talks about Attention Ratio and the importance of making your page have only one main call to action so your visitors don’t get distracted. Maybe try testing a variant without all of those other links, and just focus on the main “sign up” call to action.

  2. The “as featured in” section with all the trust logos is very impressive, but I almost missed it the first time because it is so light. Maybe darken the tones to make it pop out a bit more.

  3. Maybe use more contrast to make the call to action buttons stand out more (like you did with the first button at the top). Some of the buttons blend into the page a little too well.

  4. This is not really a criticism of the Unbounce page, but of your actual signup page. When I clicked a button to start a trial, I was taken to your signup page with all of the fields. It seemed a bit much, to have all of the form fields on the same page. Not sure if you’ve tested more of a progressive checkout process, where you break the purchase process up among a couple different pages.

Overall, this is a fantastic page. Thanks for sharing it with us!


thanks so much for your feedback Nicholas, really useful (and glad you like the design!)

I’ll look into all those 4 point you raised this week.

Thanks again,