Landing page(s) architecture strategy


I’ve seen one, two and three page landing page strategies. Is there somewhere that shows how to construct a landing page strategies with an offer and fulfillment concept - The offer, the capture info and the download of, say, and ebook? Easy to find stuff on creating landing pages but not so easy to find a strategical approach for creating and deploying them in a cohesive format.


Hey @kdavitt, welcome!! :blush:

In this case, I’d suggest explaining to us what your strategy is, and then some of our Experts can chime in and let you know which template would be most effective for your campaign.

Additionally, our templates category recommends templates based on campaign type and industry, if you look at the left sidebar on this page:

We’ve also got this article here with landing page examples for conversion optimization:

And lastly, we’ve got a Lookbook here that might be helpful to you:

That’s where I’d start for now. Hopefully that points you in the right direction. :relaxed:



Hey Keith,

Every landing page is unique, and should be based around the offer, rather than the layout. So if you want to share some more details about your offer/industry/audience/etc., some of us can certainly provide some feedback.

At a minimum, make sure your page has the basics covered, such as a clear headline, specific call-to-action, nice hero shot that compliments the offer, some social proof, maybe a few testimonials. Just shooting from the hip, but yeah for the most part the science is all in the details. And the details are closely related to your specific offer.

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